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'VOTE NO RETENTION' of Callis, Crowder, Hylla, & Knight.

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Contributions to 2006 Madison County Judge's Races


JusticeThe Citizens for Judicial Integrity is a grassroots committee dedicated to restoring judicial integrity to Madison County, IL. In December 2011, the behavior of Judge Crowder called the integrity of the court into question.

Callis, Crowder, Hylla, and Knight championed reform in 2006. But in 2006 Crowder and Hylla took over $200,000 in asbestos lawyers and firm donations. Asbestos cases went from 355 in 2006 to 933 in 2011. The law suit explosion threatens Madison County’s economy and health care. Dubbed a “Judicial Hell Hole” in 2011, Madison County’s court environment , drives away doctors and business. read

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Rebuttal of Judges’ ‘Legal Arguments’

October 29, 2012

In recent weeks Judges extolled their virtues asking for your vote. Citizens for Judicial Integrity urges you to vote no retention for Callis, Crowder, Hylla, and Knight. For example, Judge Hylla takes responsibility for instituting a medical malpractice mediation program. read more

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  • 10/15/12 - Adam Andrejewski
  • 10/14/12 - For the Good of Illinois Pac
  • 10/2/12 - Illinois Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Doug Whitley

About CFJI

Citizens for Judicial Integrity (CFJI), created in June 2012, is a grassroots committee committed to bringing reform to the Madison County Circuit Court. The American Tort Reform Association called Madison County "A Judicial Hell Hole".The current court, elected with huge contributions from Judges and asbestos law firms Judges is responsible for a 'law suit explosion'. The current litigious court climate hurts Madison County's economic climate and health care systems. While the legal profession grows wealthy the local economy and people suffer.

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